Attendee spotlight: 10 questions with Candy Beauchamp

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Every Tuesday and Friday, we will feature a TweetCamp San Antonio attendee on the blog to give you an insight of the diverse group of people that have come together thanks to the micro-blogging services that are reinventing the way we do communications. Feel free to follow these people and get a head start on TweetCamp San Antonio. If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to RSVP!

Introducing TweetCamp attendee @candieb


1. Who are you?

Candy Beauchamp in Austin, TX – @candieb on Twitter – more info about me is here

2. What do you do?

I’m a virtual bookkeeper, virtual assistant (VA) and technology & gadget geek.

3. Why social media?

Why not? For me because I work from home with my husband full time, it’s a great outlet, it is my water cooler, where I can breeze by, see what my friends are saying and respond. It’s also another way to get to know other people that I might not have had the opportunity to otherwise.

4. How do you use micro-blobbing services like Twitter for work/business?

My main account, @candieb, is a mixture of personal and business. I’d say more than 90 percent  is personal. I do tweet about work, but let’s face it, bookkeeping isn’t all that fascinating to the average person – contrary to popular belief most of us bookkeepers don’t sit around talking about our most fabulous journal entry EVER either 😉 I also run @2minuteswithava, which is basically my little side project for virtual assistants to ask questions of a seasoned VA.

5. How, if at all, do you use microbbling services for personal purposes?

I keep in touch with my local friends, as well as those far away. A good deal of my book geek friends are on there as well as friends further away. It’s also a great place to vent out the latest weirdness that goes on in my house or with my kids. Again, it’s a great way to connect with others.

6. Tell us a Twitter success story

While I don’t use Twitter specifically for business, I’m sure anyone can tell by looking at my stream for a day or two that I am a bookkeeper. I’ve been lucky in that people will see someone that needs a bookkeeper and either tell me or tell that person to contact me. It’s kind of a weird “twitter word of mouth” thing going on for me. It’s great, even if a little weird at first. It’s hard to sell someone on yourself in 140 characters, but so far, I’ve managed to get several clients from Twitter – without really trying too hard.

7. Twitter FAIL story? Lesson (s) learned?

I live my life pretty transparently. Sometimes I have to remind myself to re-read before hitting that “post” button 🙂 There have been a few times that I’ve said something and wondered if I should take it back. But, at the end of the day… I am who I am. I do try to remember that “type, read, re-read, then send” philosophy.

8. [Cheating, three-part question] Your favorite Twitter follows? Why do you follow them? Have you ever met them?

@statesman – what is there not to love about Austin’s newspaper being online? I also adore that they take time to reply and actually read their tweets and replies. They aren’t just a mindless stream like some of the news tweeters I’ve seen. Fabulous use of Twitter, in my opinion.
@VAnetworking – not only a great resource for VAs, but also one great lady. Tawnya isn’t all business all the time and I like that. I was fortunate enough to meet Tawnya at a VA Summit and we hit it off in person just as well as hit it off online.
@linuxjournal – These folks are not only a long-time client of mine, they are funny. This is the main account for them. They feed my inner geek well and make an effort to respond to their replies and build a sense of community for the Linux folks online through Twitter.

9. Your Twitter pet peeve?

Auto DMs

10. Any additional words of wisdom?

I think the biggest piece of advice someone gave me, and one I try to remember everyday is that social media should be fun. If it starts to be not so fun, I turn it off for a while.


Andi Narvaez is one of the three organizers of TweetCamp San Antonio. She is an public relations account coordinator for KGBTexas Public Relations / Advertising in San Antonio, Texas and is also one of the three founders of the San Antonio Media/PR/Business Tweetup. She recently earned her degree in Communications and Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Trinity University. She is originally from Quito, Ecuador.



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  1. Thanks for the spotlight. I will actually be coming with 4 other people – @crredwards @dynila @gdsjenny and @jennymfv – should be loads of fun!

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