Sparrow sponsor spotlight: 10 questions with Jim Adcock

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Every Tuesday and Friday, we will feature a TweetCamp San Antonio attendee on the blog to give you an insight of the diverse group of people that have come together thanks to the micro-blogging services that are reinventing the way we do communications. Feel free to follow these people and get a head start on TweetCamp San Antonio. If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to RSVP!

Introducing TweetCamp attendee AND Sparrow-level sponsor @dlairman.


1. Who are you?

I’m Jim Adcock in Austin TX – @dlairman on Twitter.  I’m also “the spam guy” – ask me about it sometime!

2. What do you do?

I’m a SharePoint developer/administrator, a .Net web developer, a champion of process improvement.

3. Why social media?

Jason Alba and Tiffany Songvilay.  At a presentation on SharePoint, Tiffany talked about how she is doing less blogging and posting more on Twitter instead, because of the very active #SharePoint community on Twitter.  Then I saw Jason talk about using social media as a platform to talk about who you are, to market yourself, in a job search.  Some of what he talked about, especially in terms of building your reputation as an expert in your field, matched what Tiffany had said.  In my research and experience since, I’ve found wonderful synchronicity and serendipity in social media.

4. How do you use microblobbing services like Twitter for work/business?

I talk about what I learn, what I know, what I’m doing to improve myself professionally.  I point the way to more information about myself and those things, so that people can get in-depth information.  I try to help others in my communities all that I can.

5. How, if at all, do you use microbbling services for personal purposes?

On Twitter, I occasionally talk about things I am doing personally, to give a more rounded view of myself as a person, as someone whom others can work comfortably with.  I do more of that kind of thing on Facebook, but with an eye to the fact that, once information is published, it is out of my control, so I do try to stay professional about the things I publish.

6. Tell us a Twitter success story

I made a personal connection to someone I was also trying to get a job from.  I had re-Tweeted something Neil Gaiman had re-Tweeted from Cory Doctorow.  A distant relation of my wife saw the tweet on Facebook, and as she works at a place that has a number of projects by Neil, offered to comp me some free stuff.  Meanwhile, David, they guy I had been interviewing with, tweeted that his 3 year old son loves a particular TV show.  When I checked the catalog for Neil’s stuff, there were DVDs of the show that David’s kid liked.  So I got comped the DVDs I wanted and a DVD for Dave’s kid.  Everyone went away very happy, especially David’s son.

7. Twitter FAIL story? Lesson (s) learned?

None so far, thankfully!

8. Your favorite Twitter follows? Why do you follow these people? Have you ever met them?

9. Your Twitter pet peeve?

Purveyors of porn, multi-level marketing or get-rich-quick schemes.  The latter two are of no value to me at all, and the first is inappropriate for using Twitter professionally, even if they are only following me and not vice-versa.  I’m a big believer in the Block function on Twitter.

10. Any additional words of wisdom?

Lots of them. Read my blog for all of them I have typed up so far, with more to come!


Andi Narvaez is one of the three organizers of TweetCamp San Antonio. She is an public relations account coordinator for KGBTexas Public Relations / Advertising in San Antonio, Texas and is also one of the three founders of the San Antonio Media/PR/Business Tweetup. She writes a blog on integration, communication and our evolving society. She recently earned her degree in Communications and Marketing from Trinity University. She is originally from Quito, Ecuador.



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  1. Great interview, Jim – heh, thanks for the shout out — can’t wait for the 18th!

  2. Naturally, as soon as I did my interview, Tiffany decided to change her approach to using Twitter. (rolls eyes) Timing, as they say, is everything…

    To get her take on it, read her blog:

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