TweetcampSA: The largest social media event in San Antonio. A RECAP.

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On Saturday, July 18, 2009 Trinity University welcomed approximately 150 people thirsty for Twitter knowledge. The good news is the thirst was quenched. The bad news is that we are hearing reports of our attendees being hungry – And that’s precisely what the organizers had in mind.

We hope that you will go out into the world of social media to explore, implement what you learned during our sessions and maybe even collaborate with the new friends and connections you made at TweetcampSA.

To help refresh your memory and so that you begin to gather some of the material YOU helped us create and collect during the event… A RECAP!

View a complete list (and some of the presentation slideshows) of the TweetcampSA expert, beginner and spontaneous session

This includes the ever-popular lunch time flash cards!

If you would like to have your session’s slideshow presentation included in this section drop us a comment.

View photos and videos taken by our volunteers and TweetcampSA attendees

If you have more pictures or video, please do share!

floxeeView a list of our attendees (partial) or, better yet… Join the TweetcampSA group on Floxee to be part of our ongoing community by sending tweet to @mully with the #tweetcampsa hashtag plus any other hashtags from the list page that you would like to tag yourself to.

View TweetcampSA coverage

If you wrote a blog post or news story about TweetcampSA let us know, we’d love to read it and share it.

A  lot went on during at TweetcampSA. If we missed something please let us know.

Thank you for helping make TweetcampSA happen!

Find your friends from TweetCampSA

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hello-my-name-isBelow is a list of everyone at TweetCampSA who signed our Twitter handle poster. We had nearly 150 attendees but there are only 91 Twitter handles on this list. If your Twitter handle isn’t here but you were at TweetCampSA and you’d like to share it with everyone, please DM us, @tweetcampsa us or email us at tweetcampsa at gmail dot com with your Twitter handle and we’ll add you to this esteemed list!



Sponsor Spotlight: Tweetcamp San Antonio goes to college at Trinity University

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Trinity-University-A0C2AF6FDisclaimer: I attended Trinity University from 2004 – 2008 to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Marketing.

Today, hundreds will arrive at Trinity University to attend the biggest social media event of its kind to take place in our city – Tweetcamp San Antonio.

This is not a mere coincidence.

When the organizers of Tweetcamp were searching for a venue we had a checklist, nay, a list of demands that had to be fulfilled if Tweetcamp was going to be the rock star event we had in mind.

Our venue had to be wired. Or should we say unwired? Wireless internet access was a must since we expected most, if not all, of our attendees to bring their laptops with them to tweet, blog, stream and browse the internet throughout the event. Trinity is one of Intel’s top 10 most unwired college campuses. Check!

Our venue had to help us showcase the best of our city. Trinity University is located just a few minutes south of the airport and a few minutes north of downtown San Antonio. The area is full of shops, parks, restaurants, museums and homes that are part quaint, part modern and entirely worthy of an afternoon walk. With recent extension of San Antonio River, the world-famous River Walk is now 1.5 miles closer to Trinity. It won’t be long before the final portion of the Museum Reach extension is complete and the University becomes part a project that will revitalize the city and help new and old San Antonio reconnect seamlessly.

Bonus point: Trinity’s campus is modern and gorgeous in and of itself. See for yourself.

Fun fact: I happened to be a student tour guide at Trinity and know that the color of the brick that makes up the façade of all the buildings on campus is not just red – it’s Trinity Red.

Our venue had to be inside the social media loop. Trinity University contacted the organizers to be the official host of Tweetcamp San Antonio via – you guessed it – Twitter. You can follow @Trinity_U on Twitter and find several Trinity administrators and staff on Twitter as well. The University is actively making conscious efforts to learn from others, share thoughts and information, reach out to their constituents and participate in conversations via social media. WIN.

Our venue had to be free. Along with our other sponsors, Trinity University is to thank for helping us make this a free event open to the public.

So you see, your Tweetcamp San Antonio organizers are pretty high maintenance. Fortunately, Trinity has not only lived up to everything we expected from our venue – it has gone above and beyond.

And on a final note, Tweetcamp San Antonio going to college at Trinity University is an event in and of itself. Conferences are often held at hotels, meeting rooms and other venues that have no connection to the topic at hand. Ours is not the case.

Social media has gone mainstream. There is no doubt about that. And tools like Twitter are forcing industries and institutions to reinvent themselves. I only really started to figure out what I wanted in terms of a career when I got to college. If higher education institutions are not tuned into social media and introducing it in the classroom by this point, they are failing to educate students about the context of the world today or prepare them for what the world may look like in the near future. But higher education institutions willing to take the plunge into social media despite the lack of structure, constant state of flux and the predominance of application over theory are the ones that will turn out professionals that are truly prepared to take on our reinvented industries and inherit the new world.

The early bird gets the shirt (and other important TweetCampSA info)

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TweetCampSA is almost here! Really! It’s just hours away. And there’s still time to register.

We know you’ll be up late tonight beaming with excitement, barely able to sleep, so you can spring out of bed to hit the Trinity University Campus bright and early tomorrow morning. Just be sure to get to Trinity’s Northrup Hall (registration desk will be just outside of Room NH 040) by 9:00 a.m. sharp. We have over 200 people registered to attend TweetCampSA and only the first 150 people to arrive will get an official shirt! This is one bad boy you’ll want to be sportin’ all over town so set your alarm clock.

Where to park:

For your convenience, Lots A, B, E, and M will be available for parking, see map below. Unfortunately, the Alamo Stadium parking lot directly across from Northrup Hall is closed on Saturday, but the south lot is open – feel free to park wherever there are available, designated spaces or where it’s most convenient for you. Please do not park in the fire lanes.

Please note that Trinity will be hosting other events on Saturday. Plan on arriving a few minutes early to park. We also encourage everyone to carpool. It’s good for the environment and it makes car rides more fun.

What about the WiFi?

Glad you asked. Trinity University is one of Intel’s Top 10 Most Unwired College Campuses. That means wherever you are on campus, you’re online! But you’ll need to be sure you’re configured properly and you’ll need the super-secret TweetCampSA wifi password. Visit for info on configuring your laptop to access Trinity’s wifi. We’ll provide the password at the event. Bring your own power cord and a power strip to be sure your laptop doesn’t peter out. You don’t want to miss a second of tweeting!

What if I don’t have a Twitter account? Am I crazy to attend?

Absolutely not! Newbies and beginners from all walks are encourage to join us. Our first beginner session, slated to start at 9:30 a.m., will focus on getting those new to Twitter signed up for an account. Let us walk you through this process and answer a few questions before we dive in to the deep end of the microblogging pool.

View / share media:

Be sure to use the official Twitter hashtag, #TweetCampSA, and the everywhere tag, TweetCampSA, when sharing about the event.

Share photos and videos on Flickr:

View our Expert Session Livestream:

View our Beginnier Session Ustream:

Join the conversation:

Twapper Keeper

We’ll be using Twapper Keeper to archive and organize our tweets based upon the #tweetcampsa hashtag. Twapper Keeper also allows us to use a few more tags or !x actions to help us organize our tweets. Include the characters below in your tweets to have them added to the following folders on the TweetCampSA Twapper Keeper page:

!q  for the Questions folder

!c for the Cool Apps folder

!p for the People folder

Twapper Keeper scans for new tweets approximately every 5 minutes (based upon velocity of tweets). This cool new app is in beta and it’s possible our gigantic tweet stream (yes, we’re counting on you to TWEET your hearts out) might overwhelm Twapper Keeper. If that happens, Twapper Keeper will still be a valuable app—we’ll be able to refer to the TweetCampSA Twapper Keeper page and hashtag after the event to see everyone’s tweets in a nicely organized fashion.

Facebook Group: TweetCampSanAntonio

Twitter Hashtag: #TweetCampSA

Everywhere tag: TweetCampSA

Email us:

on Twitter: @TweetCampSA

Remember, TweetCampSA is an “unconference.” But what does that mean?

TweetCamp San Antonio works in an UNconference sort of way. If you register for the event all you need to do is show up and see TweetCamp come to life in front of your very eyes.

All attendees are encouraged to contribute and participate. There are no session or workshops in the way we are used to thinking about them. YOU are the event (how very social media of us huh?) and we encourage you to share what you know, start discussions, ask questions and collaborate to make TweetCamp San Antonio happen and make sure that people get the most out of the event and its attendees.

Please be sure to read our previous post, A few things you need to know before you come, which details TweetCampSA’s location, parking, food/drink and after hours event.

We’re a BANG! not a whimper sort of crowd. The party lives on even after TweetCampSA is over.

Tweetcamp sessions will wrap up at 5 p.m. but we want to give you an opportunity to catch up with all the great speakers and attendees you may not have gotten a chance to get to talk to during the conference. Please join us at Trinity University’s pub, Tigers’ Den, from 5 – 7 p.m. for a few ice cold beverages. We’ll provide the snacks.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Please see the map below for more on parking and our Tweetcamp location at Trinity University. Also below, directions to Trinity via Google Maps.



Colleen Pence is one of three organizers of TweetCampSA. A Twitter addict since summer 2007, she previously managed marketing and public relations campaigns for the San Antonio Symphony, Marmon Mok and BluePhoenix ASNA. She now owns Social Media Mentoring, a consulting company teaching businesses and individuals the benefits and nuances of using social media. She’s authored her personal blog for four years and blogs for the San Antonio Express-News.

If you wish to cover TweetcampSA, here are some helpful notes

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If you are a journalist or blogger and wish to write about Tweetcamp San Antonio we want to provide you with a brief of the event, which includes a number of relevant and helpful links to help you get the job done.

You are, of course, more than welcome to contact us at any time in the way that is most convenient for you to get more information or Tweetcamp resources.

Click on the image below to access a PDF version of the Tweetcamp San Antonio media advisory. All links are active.

We look forward to reading from you!

We will be on the lookout for your post, but in case we miss it please take a moment to include a link to your Tweetcamp San Antonio post or news story in the comments section below. And be sure to use the “tweetcampsa” tag. Thank you in advance and thank you for being part of Tweetcamp San Antonio.

Tweetcamp San Antonio Media Alert

Tweetcamp San Antonio Media Alert

07 18 09 Tweetcamp San Antonio Media Alert

TweetCampSA host and sponsor Trinity University is one of the “most unwired college campuses”

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Be sure to bring your laptop with you to the campus of Trinity University this Saturday for TweetCampSA. TweetCampSA host and sponsor Trinity University was ranked among Intel’s Top 10 “Most Unwired College Campuses.”

We’ll provide the info you’ll need to access the wifi onsite. All you’ll need is your trusty laptop or netbook (and perhaps your power cord and a power strip or two to share the electric love with your fellow campers). You’ll be ready to tweet your way through TweetCampSA!

We’re just one day away from the biggest social media event in San Antonio. Check out our “things you need to know before you go” post about our location, parking, food, etc. More info is on the way so stay tuned to @TweetCampSA for updates and info.

And the official TweetCampSA hashtag is…

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image credit:

…not a big surprise after all: #TweetCampSA.

OK. It’s pretty predictable. But the #TweetCampSA hashtag is more than just a way for us to follow each other’s tweets at the event. By using the official #TweetCampSA hashtag on Twitter and simply TweetcampSA (no pound sign) to tag photos, videos, blogs posts and other online cotent across multiple social media networks and channels like Flickr, YouTube, Ustream, WordPress, etc. you can help the event live on long after it’s over.

So much rich, helpful, valuable and usable information will be shared at TweetCampSA. The #TweetCampSA Twitter hashtag and TweetcampSA tag will make it easy for you to find and refer to that content if and when you need it.

Use it well. Use it often. Include it in any  TweetCampSA info and content you reference or create across your social networks.

#TweetCampSA, the official Twitter hashtag of Tweetcamp San Antonio!

TweetcampSA, everywhere else.

image credit:


Colleen Pence is one of three organizers of TweetCampSA. A Twitter addict since summer 2007, she previously managed marketing and public relations campaigns for the San Antonio Symphony, Marmon Mok and BluePhoenix ASNA. She now owns Social Media Mentoring, a consulting company teaching businesses and individuals the benefits and nuances of using social media. She’s authored her personal blog for four years and blogs for the San Antonio Express-News.

We want YOU for Tweetcamp San Antonio

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tweetcampsaThis is a call to volunteers!

To those of you who have already expressed interest in helping make Tweetcamp San Antonio happen, thank you! To those of you who want to get involved but didn’t know it was an option, this post is for you as too.

If you have registered for Tweetcamp San Antonio you have already done the first and most important thing to help – getting people to Tweetcamp! Make sure you keep talking it up to friends, colleagues and family and invite them to come. Spots are still open. Beginners and veterans are welcome! We’ll cover all the bases.

Here is a list of volunteer duties for the taking. If you are interested in helping out please email us at or send a tweet to @TweetcampSA.

Thank you in advance!

  • Official Tweetcamp San Antonio live-twitterer – We need two people to cover the beginner and expert sessions
  • Sign-in table tweeps – We need two or three people to help us man the sign-in table at all times. We will probably do this in shifts so the more, the merrier
  • Official Tweetcamp San Antonio photographers – If you have a camera and can take good pictures, this job is for you. We need two photographers to cover the beginner and expert sessions
  • Official Tweetcamp San Antonio paparazzi – If you have a Flip camera, a Sony Webbie or a phone that shoots decent quality video, we would love to have you shoot short interviews with our attendees. We will feature these on our blog and make Tweetcamp San Antonio much more than a one-day event
  • Morning people – This is one is the toughest to recruit volunteers for.  If you come to help us set up, we will love you forever.
  • SPEAKERS! – You may or may not know but Tweetcamp San Antonio is an “un”conference. We determine our sessions the morning of the event. Experts can volunteer to hold a 30-minute session and attendees can request to hear a session and we will assign an expert to lead it individually or form a panel of experts to take on collaborate on a session. If you are an expert on any microblogging or Twitter matter please feel free to let us know ahead of time or on July 18. We encourage you to lead a session! If you are not an expert but can think of good stories or lessons learned, please share those with us. Case studies and Twitter stories can make for great panel discussions and Tweetcamp sessions.

All of our volunteers will be guaranteed an official Tweetcamp San Antonio T-shirt and badge and will get a big shout out on our volunteer page and a link on our blog roll. Did I mention we will love you forever?

Thank you again! We can’t wait to hear from you.


Andi Narvaez is one of the three organizers of TweetCamp San Antonio. She is an public relations account coordinator for KGBTexas Public Relations / Advertising in San Antonio, Texas and is also one of the three founders of the San Antonio Media/PR/Business Tweetup. She writes a blog on the integration of social media, public relations, marketing, technology and our changing society. She recently earned her degree in Communications and Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Trinity University. She is originally from Quito, Ecuador.

Hello mudder, hello fadder: spring and summer camps for adults!

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Our friend (and soon-to-be-announced TweetCampSA sponsor!), Alan Weinkrantz, included TweetCampSA in his San Antonio Express-News article yesterday, “Business camps are fun aids to career.” Be sure to check out Alan’s article for a list of the upcoming camps here in town and  Alan’s web site for dates and more info on all upcoming camps. Now, who’s bringing the marshmallows? Don’t worry. Lettergirl’s got us covered!

Location, location, location

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TweetCampSA is–of course–all about the microblogging. But it’s also about San Antonio and showcasing the best parts of what our beautiful city has to offer. San Antonio offers many unique and inviting spaces and TweetCampSA wants to find just the right one to call home.

We’re intrigued by the development taking place north of downtown on the expansion of San Antonio’s River Walk, particularly the area from Lexington Street to U.S. Highway 281, in the Museum Reach of the expansion. And that’s why we need your help! Do you know any specific details about the exciting development going on in that area of town? Do you have a friend involved with the project who has the inside scoop about what spaces will be hot, hot, hot (and cool, cool, cool–don’t forget, it will be summer!) and ready in time for TweetCampSA on July 18? We’re looking for a space to hold 100-150 people that provides Wi-Fi. Other than that, we’re pretty open. We’d love to host the first-ever TweetCampSA in a new, vibrant space that’s as invigorating and inventive as the concept of microblogging itself.

So give us a shout at tweetcampsa at gmail dot com if you have ideas to share. We’re open to any suggestions for a TweetCampSA location. After all this is your TweetCamp, San Antonio!


Colleen Pence is one of three organizers of TweetCampSA. A Twitter addict since summer 2007, she previously managed marketing and public relations campaigns for the San Antonio Symphony, Marmon Mok and BluePhoenix ASNA. She now owns Social Media Mentoring, a consulting company teaching businesses and individuals the benefits and nuances of using social media. She’s authored her personal blog for four years andblogs for the San Antonio Express-News.

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