TweetCamp San Antonio works in an UNconference sort of way. If you register for the event all you need to do is show up and see TweetCamp come to life in front of your very eyes.

All attendees are encouraged to contribute and participate. There are no session or workshops in the way we are used to thinking about them. YOU are the event (how very social media of us huh?) and we encourage you to share what you know, start discussions, ask questions and collaborate to make TweetCamp San Antonio happen and make sure that people get the most out of the event and its attendees.

So, what are you itching to know about microbblogging, Twitter, FriendFeed, Blellow, etc.?

Are you a social media / microblogging expert? What can you share?

Please comment below to add your TweetCamp topics suggestions. We will take these to the conference and put them on the table.

EXPERT schedule

update: Wednesday, July 22, 2009

TweetcampSA covered a wide range of topics – from Twitter 101 to Follower Lust. Below is a complete list of our sessions and a few PowerPoint presentations. Don’t kick yourself if you missed any of these – the recordings of our live streamed sessions are up! Check them out.

Expert sessions live stream ¦    Beginner sessions live stream

Our sessions

Expert Sessions:

Advanced Engagement: TweetDeck + target markets by @theredrecruiter

Creating your Twitter channel by @scotmckay and @emilymckay

Twitter and your search engine rankings by @rafaelmarquez

Twitter for business by @colleenpence @bloomaternity @funpearls @shelleyrae

Twitter for journalists by @charlotteanne and @TPRnews

Twitter groups with @floxee by @mully and @jdirt

Killer Twitter apps by @mapetite @reallyshecky

Tweeting severe weather by @abt70 @wxprobrian and @mytexasweather

Hashtags: Ordering chaos and then some by @andinarvaez and @charlotteanne

URL shorteners by @matt_scherer

Social networking tools for your business: Facebook Connect + Twitter API by @rackcloud and @RBearSAT

Process automation for Twitter by @theredrecruiter

Beginner Sessions:
Set up your Twitter account: A quick and dirty 101 by @andinarvaez

Managing Twitter followers: How tos on TweetDeck, Seesmic, Hootsuite, Ping.FM

Using Twitter to advance your career by @dlairman

The chronicles of a job hunter: How I used Twitter to find a great job by @bolora

TweetLAter by @fostercreative

Brand yourself: Avatars, backgrounds, consistensy @firecatsue @bolora

Follower Lust by @writeontime

Do’s and don’ts of pitching media on Twitter by @bkearney @momonmars @lettergirl @lalorek and @writeontime

Spontaneous Sessions in Room 218
TweetDeck basics

Local netorkwing and community opportunities #SMBSA #SMCSA #coworking #SAMPRB (now #BMPRSA) #SAHC #ALR-SA

Anatomy of a camp: Community events by @epodcaster

Tracking progress by @theredrecruiter

Presentations on SlideShare (if you presented at TweetcampSA and want us to add your presentation here, please email us or send us a tweet!)

Set up your Twitter account: A quick and dirty 101 by @andinarvaez

Follower Lust by @writeontime


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  1. This is really cool! It sounds like it will be a fun day!

    So, topics… I think some good ones would be:

    – How to really use 3rd party tools
    – Complete account set-up… no funky pictures 😉
    – How to set up a strategy to follow people with mutual interests
    – How to automate a number of the processes… more fun, less tasks
    – How to moderate a panel discussion through the use of hashtags (this is crazy if you’ve never done it before!)
    – Tools for tracking your progress
    – Twitter for business vs. personal (all the different “theories”)
    – Live Tweeting (I did this at the annual SHRM conference and it was a lot of fun.)
    – Tips on getting your message ReTweeted.

    I’m sure there are a thousand different topics that could be discussed. It will be great to hear what people have to share on these topics.

    What else would be good to discuss?

    • Thank you for the comment Michael. Those are great ideas! We’ll bring them with us on Saturday and we hope that you can lead one of the sessions and share some of these topics with our attendees.

      Also, if you are interested in live tweeting for Tweetcamp San Antonio, feel free to contact us at We are still welcoming volunteers.

      See you Saturday!

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