If you wish to cover TweetcampSA, here are some helpful notes

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If you are a journalist or blogger and wish to write about Tweetcamp San Antonio we want to provide you with a brief of the event, which includes a number of relevant and helpful links to help you get the job done.

You are, of course, more than welcome to contact us at any time in the way that is most convenient for you to get more information or Tweetcamp resources.

Click on the image below to access a PDF version of the Tweetcamp San Antonio media advisory. All links are active.

We look forward to reading from you!

We will be on the lookout for your post, but in case we miss it please take a moment to include a link to your Tweetcamp San Antonio post or news story in the comments section below. And be sure to use the “tweetcampsa” tag. Thank you in advance and thank you for being part of Tweetcamp San Antonio.

Tweetcamp San Antonio Media Alert

Tweetcamp San Antonio Media Alert

07 18 09 Tweetcamp San Antonio Media Alert

Attendee Spotlight: 10 questions with Charlotte-Anne Lucas

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Every Tuesday and Friday, we will feature a TweetCamp San Antonio attendee on the blog to give you an insight of the diverse group of people that have come together thanks to the micro-blogging services that are reinventing the way we do communications. Feel free to follow these people and get a head start on TweetCamp San Antonio. If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to RSVP!

Introducing TweetCamp attendee @charlotteanne


1. Who are you?

I’m a veteran journalist who left newspapers for the Web 10 years ago. I was in top management at two online news sites, TheStreet.com and MySanAntonio.com, when they became profitable. From 2006-2008 I taught digital journalism, Web design and publishing, multiplatform journalism, interviewing and the bedrock course, Journalism 102, at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. My students learned how to build and maintain their own blogs, built Web sites from tiny little pieces, interviewed people on the social network audio channel Utterz, use Skype video and iChat for international interviews, livestream interactive video on the social media channel, Kyte.tv, and used Twitter to complete the requirements of their final exam. Then I got laid off and came home to San Antonio.

2. What do you do?

My husband, Bill Waldrop, and I are partners in WilCharMedia.com. He’s also a journalist and he helped put the Express-News online in early 1996. We’re digital strategy consultants. We do Web publishing and design, we build social media networks. My role is Online Instigator. We’ll be starting an online news-wiki Web site later this year, but that’s another story!

3. Why social media?

Because we can. More importantly, because everyone can, and it is a two-way conversation. Thank goodness we’re no longer stuck with the one-way, top-down arrogance of old media (although not everyone in old media knows that!).

4. How do you use micro-blobbing services like Twitter for work/business?

I do an hour-long preso on Social Media for Journalists, and would be happy to roll that out during the Tweet Camp. It is longer than 140 characters and it evolves regularly 😉

5. How, if at all, do you use microbbling services for personal purposes?

The line between business and personal is a bit blurry these days, but that’s OK. My entire life is on the record.

6. Tell us a Twitter success story

One of my favorite students left school to work for Obama’s social networking squad. I taught him to Twitter, he Twittered for Obama, and look where that got us!

7. Twitter FAIL story? Lesson (s) learned?

On the first day my students were strutting their stuff and doing the first ever live-group Twitter of the Editor&Publisher EPPYconference in Vegas in May 2008, the Fail Whale weighed in for several hours. It was *very* frustrating.

8. [Cheating, three-part question] Your favorite Twitter follows? Why do you follow them? Have you ever met them?

I follow almost 1,200 people. I use TweetDeck and have several columns including one for all of the women I follow. Another column is My Faves (I have left out the locals on my list, fyi): @acarvin, @agahran, @alizasherman, @bonniegrrl, @breakingnewson, @carlmalamud, @craignewmark, @cshirky, @davewiner, @digitalsista, @dsearls, @gapingvoid, @gazamom, @garyobrien, @hrheingold, @jacklail, @jdp23, @kanter, @laughingsquid, @lisawilliams, @marshalk, @maryhodder, @mediamum, @myrnatheminx, @newmediajim, @niemanlab, @noxhanti, @olevia, @pistachio, @rachelnixon, @susanmernit, @TheWomensMuseum, @timoreilly, @tobydiva, @thirstyboots, @underoak, @vincrosbie, @westseattleblog, @womenwhotech, @yelvington
I learn so very much from them. Some make me think and some make me smile. It’s a great blend!

Of My 41 faves, I have met 11: @agahran, @craignewmark, @garyobrien, @jdp23, @rachelnixon, @tobydiva, @susanmernit, @thirstyboots, @myrnatheminx and @yelvington. I knew @kr8tr online for more than a year before I met him, and he’s in San Antonio!

9. Your Twitter pet peeve?

52% of Twitter users are women, yet so many Twitter shoutouts, lists of experts and RTs involve men. That’s part of why #women2follow is so important to me.

10. Any additional words of wisdom?

I joined Twitter right after it was introduced in 2007 at SXSW, but I didn’t fall in love with its potential and magic until later that year. I wrote a primer, Twitter 101 in March of 2008. That piece has gotten almost 2,000 views from all over the world. That’s pretty magic!


Andi Narvaez is one of the three organizers of TweetCamp San Antonio. She is an public relations account coordinator for KGBTexas Public Relations / Advertising in San Antonio, Texas and is also one of the three founders of the San Antonio Media/PR/Business Tweetup. She recently earned her degree in Communications and Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Trinity University. She is originally from Quito, Ecuador.

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