Sponsor Spotlight: Tweetcamp San Antonio goes to college at Trinity University

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Trinity-University-A0C2AF6FDisclaimer: I attended Trinity University from 2004 – 2008 to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Marketing.

Today, hundreds will arrive at Trinity University to attend the biggest social media event of its kind to take place in our city – Tweetcamp San Antonio.

This is not a mere coincidence.

When the organizers of Tweetcamp were searching for a venue we had a checklist, nay, a list of demands that had to be fulfilled if Tweetcamp was going to be the rock star event we had in mind.

Our venue had to be wired. Or should we say unwired? Wireless internet access was a must since we expected most, if not all, of our attendees to bring their laptops with them to tweet, blog, stream and browse the internet throughout the event. Trinity is one of Intel’s top 10 most unwired college campuses. Check!

Our venue had to help us showcase the best of our city. Trinity University is located just a few minutes south of the airport and a few minutes north of downtown San Antonio. The area is full of shops, parks, restaurants, museums and homes that are part quaint, part modern and entirely worthy of an afternoon walk. With recent extension of San Antonio River, the world-famous River Walk is now 1.5 miles closer to Trinity. It won’t be long before the final portion of the Museum Reach extension is complete and the University becomes part a project that will revitalize the city and help new and old San Antonio reconnect seamlessly.

Bonus point: Trinity’s campus is modern and gorgeous in and of itself. See for yourself.

Fun fact: I happened to be a student tour guide at Trinity and know that the color of the brick that makes up the façade of all the buildings on campus is not just red – it’s Trinity Red.

Our venue had to be inside the social media loop. Trinity University contacted the organizers to be the official host of Tweetcamp San Antonio via – you guessed it – Twitter. You can follow @Trinity_U on Twitter and find several Trinity administrators and staff on Twitter as well. The University is actively making conscious efforts to learn from others, share thoughts and information, reach out to their constituents and participate in conversations via social media. WIN.

Our venue had to be free. Along with our other sponsors, Trinity University is to thank for helping us make this a free event open to the public.

So you see, your Tweetcamp San Antonio organizers are pretty high maintenance. Fortunately, Trinity has not only lived up to everything we expected from our venue – it has gone above and beyond.

And on a final note, Tweetcamp San Antonio going to college at Trinity University is an event in and of itself. Conferences are often held at hotels, meeting rooms and other venues that have no connection to the topic at hand. Ours is not the case.

Social media has gone mainstream. There is no doubt about that. And tools like Twitter are forcing industries and institutions to reinvent themselves. I only really started to figure out what I wanted in terms of a career when I got to college. If higher education institutions are not tuned into social media and introducing it in the classroom by this point, they are failing to educate students about the context of the world today or prepare them for what the world may look like in the near future. But higher education institutions willing to take the plunge into social media despite the lack of structure, constant state of flux and the predominance of application over theory are the ones that will turn out professionals that are truly prepared to take on our reinvented industries and inherit the new world.

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