Sponsor Spotlight: Six Questions with VideoPublishing.com

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In addition to listing them on our Sponsors page, TweetCampSA sponsors will also be featured on our blog so we can introduce you to the companies making TweetCampSA possible. Check them out and follow them on Twitter! TweetCampSA sponsors are the cutting-edge businesses in our community who understand, appreciate and make use of microblogging as part of their overall communications strategies.

VideoPublishing LogoIntroducing TweetCampSA Sponsor VideoPublishing.com (questions answered by Andrew Trickett, managing director of VideoPublishing.com, @videopublishing)

1. How do you use microblogging?

We try to use it to establish a “connection” with our customers and partners. We’re on Twitter, Facebook and WordPress.

2. How has microblogging changed your business?

We’re fairly new at it and need to get more active. But we have already seen that it develops a sense of “intimacy” with clients. The unexpected benefit is how excited employees get when they see us post. They love seeing the information and discussions too.

3. Who are your fave follows?

As a business, we like to follow @fredwilson. He is a venture capitalist who often gives fantastic insights on technology business…and often, life.

4. What’s your criteria for RTs?

We try to be somewhat selective, picking things that we think will be of use to a lot of our followers and *somewhat* related to our business, especially because we’re more of a B2B company than B2C.

5. Why are you sponsoring TweetCampSA?

Because we believe in the idea and we’re reaching the thought leaders of the San Antonio online industry

6. Give us an elevator pitch about your business.

We provide a hosted system for online videos that will be used for professional purposes, such as company promotions and higher-end filmmaking. We have a lot of important capabilities for video professionals that you won’t get with “the usual suspects.” We also do live video, streaming music, and can digitize old film.


Colleen Pence is one of three organizers of TweetCampSA. A Twitter addict since summer 2007, she previously managed marketing and public relations campaigns for the San Antonio Symphony, Marmon Mok and BluePhoenix ASNA. She now owns Social Media Mentoring, a consulting company teaching businesses and individuals the benefits and nuances of using social media. She’s authored her personal blog for four years and blogs for the San Antonio Express-News.

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