Sponsor Spotlight: Six Questions with FunPearls.com

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In addition to listing them on our Sponsors page, TweetCampSA sponsors will also be featured on our blog so we can introduce you to the companies making TweetCampSA possible. Check them out and follow them on Twitter! TweetCampSA sponsors are the cutting-edge businesses in our community who understand, appreciate and make use of microblogging as part of their overall communications strategies.

funpearlsIntroducing TweetCampSA Sponsor FunPearls.com (questions answered by Lisa Bastian, your own personal pearl merchant and principal of Bastian PR@FunPearls).

1. How does FunPearls.com use microblogging?

Presently FunPearls.com uses microblogging to announce the “Daily Pearl Jewelry Deal.” This single tweet promotes one item from our unique collection of 300+ jewelry pieces. After each “Deal” tweet, I review FunPearls.com site stats to learn what percent of the store’s Twitter followers decided to check out the featured item that day, and then how many sales were generated by that tweet as compared to non-tweet means.

While the company is five years old, our new online store is just six weeks old. When its numerous educational sections (still under construction) are complete, we’ll be sending “conversational” tweets about diverse info; e.g., how to select jewelry (by recipient and occasion), understand how pearls are made, types of pearls, etc. FunPearls.com wants to be the trusted personal pearl merchant for Pearl Girls everywhere, and Twitter is becoming an important tool to achieving that goal.

2. How has microblogging changed your business?

I’m very new at this, but already I can see that microblogging is an asset to my overall marketing strategy and will remain part of the mix. Unlike google ads, I can directly go to my customers and potential customers and have a conversation (although brief) with them, offer them “specials”, etc.– that’s exciting “real-time” messaging! My Daily Tweets also help me gauge what types and categories of pearl jewelry are more popular with customers. As this info is analyzed, I’ll use it to adjust the positioning and type of items in the store. I do know there are tons more things I can and should do, but I haven’t had the time to explore them yet.

I also am principal of Bastian Public Relations. What I learn via FunPearls.com will carry over into any microblogging advice I give my clients.

3. What makes you follow some people/businesses over others?

I follow an important segment of my customer base: future brides and bridal publications reaching them. I also follow fashion influencers and fashion media too. I want to understand what’s important to them via their tweets and associated Web sites found via their profiles. Others I follow include people in the pearl and general jewelry business–peers, competitors and knowledge brokers. Additionally I follow individuals who can instruct me about how to microblog effectively and so not become an annoyance by accident!

4. Who would you like to see on Twitter who isn’t there already?

My family in Ohio.

5. Why is FunPearls.com sponsoring TweetCampSA?

Although FunPearls.com is a five-year-old business, http://www.funpearls.com now takes visitors to a newly branded store that went live in June. It needs greater exposure not only in San Antonio but throughout the nation, and in turn more customers and people to sign up for the e-newsletter. I also am now seeking “Pearl Girl Ambassadors” at various colleges/high schools to wear free pearls and promote the store to their friends.

6. Give us an elevator pitch about FunPearls.com.

FunPearl.com sells 300+ affordable and stylish pearl and coral jewelry pieces to jazz up casual, career and special occasion outfits. All earrings, bracelets and necklaces are handmade by our Asian pearl design partners. http://www.funpearls.com.


Colleen Pence is one of three organizers of TweetCampSA. A Twitter addict since summer 2007, she previously managed marketing and public relations campaigns for the San Antonio Symphony, Marmon Mok and BluePhoenix ASNA. She now owns Social Media Mentoring, a consulting company teaching businesses and individuals the benefits and nuances of using social media. She’s authored her personal blog for four years and blogs for the San Antonio Express-News.


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