TweetcampSA: The largest social media event in San Antonio. A RECAP.

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On Saturday, July 18, 2009 Trinity University welcomed approximately 150 people thirsty for Twitter knowledge. The good news is the thirst was quenched. The bad news is that we are hearing reports of our attendees being hungry – And that’s precisely what the organizers had in mind.

We hope that you will go out into the world of social media to explore, implement what you learned during our sessions and maybe even collaborate with the new friends and connections you made at TweetcampSA.

To help refresh your memory and so that you begin to gather some of the material YOU helped us create and collect during the event… A RECAP!

View a complete list (and some of the presentation slideshows) of the TweetcampSA expert, beginner and spontaneous session

This includes the ever-popular lunch time flash cards!

If you would like to have your session’s slideshow presentation included in this section drop us a comment.

View photos and videos taken by our volunteers and TweetcampSA attendees

If you have more pictures or video, please do share!

floxeeView a list of our attendees (partial) or, better yet… Join the TweetcampSA group on Floxee to be part of our ongoing community by sending tweet to @mully with the #tweetcampsa hashtag plus any other hashtags from the list page that you would like to tag yourself to.

View TweetcampSA coverage

If you wrote a blog post or news story about TweetcampSA let us know, we’d love to read it and share it.

A  lot went on during at TweetcampSA. If we missed something please let us know.

Thank you for helping make TweetcampSA happen!

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