Sponsor Spotlight: 6 questions with Creative Noggin

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cnlogoc7In addition to listing them on our Sponsors page, TweetCampSA sponsors will also be featured on our blog so we can introduce you to the companies making TweetCampSA possible. Check them out and follow them on Twitter! TweetCampSA sponsors are the cutting-edge businesses in our community who understand, appreciate and make use of microblogging as part of their overall communications strategies.

Introducing TweetCampSA Sponsor Creative Noggin (@creativenoggin)!

1. How does Creative Noggin use microblogging?

Currently, we’re using it primarily to build our company and personal brands within the industry and community. We also teach our clients the benefits and how to utilize microblogging to build their own brands.

2. Has microblogging changed your business?

Oh, definitely. Prior to microblogging moving into the limelight, we were more of a traditional marketing and advertising agency. But since one of our big value propositions is helping our clients find ways to get better results with their marketing as well as finding ways to stretch their budgets, microblogging and social media have a much larger part of their overall marketing plans. Especially as we have learned the strong impact that inbound marketing/the internet can have on an organization’s success.

3. Who are Creative Noggin’s fave follows?

@chrisbrogan, @AmberCadabra, @alanweinkrantz, @writeontime, @colleenpence

4. What’s your criteria for RTs?

It just has to be information that is either unique, interesting, relevant or just darned funny!

5. Why is Creative Noggin sponsoring TweetCampSA?

We love helping to support something that will further educate interested folks in San Antonio about how awesome microblogging can be for business, keeping up with colleagues/friends, staying on top of what people in your industry are saying on a topic or even just staying social if you’re working from home. It’s an incredible resource. We continue to learn more and more about it every day and hope to help others do the same!

6. Give us an elevator pitch about Creative Noggin.

We’re a full service marketing agency that is 100% virtual. No offices = no overhead. That means that we can afford to hire the best and brightest talent in San Antonio for our clients and still charge less than traditional agencies. We’re a lean, mean branding machine. We use all of the tricks of the trade and more from incredible advertising, design, direct response, broadcast and PR to being masters of the internet, using a combo of SEO, awesome site design and social media tools to create phenomenal marketing plans for those we serve. And best of all, our business structure makes us extremely agile and able to move very quickly to help our clients.


Colleen Pence is one of three organizers of TweetCampSA. A Twitter addict since summer 2007, she previously managed marketing and public relations campaigns for the San Antonio Symphony, Marmon Mok and BluePhoenix ASNA. She now owns Social Media Mentoring, a consulting company teaching businesses and individuals the benefits and nuances of using social media. She’s authored her personal blog for four years and blogs for the San Antonio Express-News.


Announcing our first TweetCampSA Sponsor!

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cnlogoc2Thank you to Creative Noggin for their generous sponsorship of TweetCampSA! You can read more about Creative Noggin on our Sponsors page or visit their web site or Twitter profile from the links on our sidebar to catch up with them. You can also talk to them in person at TweetCampSA!

TweetCampSanAntonio is only possible through generous support from company sponsorship and individual donations. You help make TweetCampSanAntonio a success. Please visit our Sponsors page if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or feel free to contact us at tweetcampsa at gmail dot com.

TweetCamp San Antonio is official. Get involved!

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Time for TweetCamp San Antonio!

Ok, not quite. We still have a few months to go before July 18, 2009 ibut feel free to start spreading the word and check back here for updates as we gear up for the UNconference.

A quick note about TweetCamp San Antonio – everyone is welcome! You don’t have to be an expert to attend as it will be your own peers and fellow San Antonians who will suggest and lead sessions, ask and answer questions and be around to share tips and tricks of the microblogging trade.

To show just that we will be featuring some of our attendees on the blog so that you can get to know them ahead of time and think of things you would like to ask or share with them.

Now, onto the blog! Browse the tabs to find out more information about the event, how to get involved, how to become a sponsor and how to submit suggestions for sessions and workshops.

See you in July! And don’t forget to…

  • Follow us on Twitter! @tweetcampSA
  • Search for “TweetCamp SA” on Facebook and join our Fan page
  • And, of course, officially REGISTER for the event here!


Andi Narvaez is one of the three organizers of TweetCamp San Antonio. She is an public relations account coordinator for KGBTexas Public Relations / Advertising in San Antonio, Texas and is also one of the three founders of the San Antonio Media/PR/Business Tweetup. She recently earned her degree in Communications and Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Trinity University. She is originally from Quito, Ecuador.

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